03 février 2010 @ 15:42
I am tired, hungry, and worn out. Always. Hello junior year of college.

A fellow junior asked me out after tennis. He's 27. Most people on this campus are in their late teens/early twenties. I'm really confused and I don't need this on my mind right now.

I'm not so deeply unhappy like I was last year. I'm enjoying the work I'm doing, as challenging as it is, but sometimes I don't get to start anything until 10 at night because of how busy I am. Then I force myself to keep turning the page 50 more times until I really can't handle it or until I'm done. Each week I have between 400 to 500 pages to read, and a varied number of pages to write, either in English or in French.

Two days until the weekend. Can't wait for the drunken shitshow that happens every Fri+Sat.
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16 septembre 2009 @ 15:58
I cracked and got one, for the sole purpose of documenting my travels, trials, and tribulations of being a foreign student in Paris:


Sorry I wanted to change it.

For the sake of consistency, I copied and pasted my last couple of entries there as well. Don't worry, I will still post here as well about geeky classic Hollywood-related things.
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